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3 Reasons Why Removing Iguanas From Your Property Will Save You Money

  1. Replacing the destruction they can do to trees, shrubs and expensive landscaping on your property is exorbitant.
  2. Their poop is another problem. Iguanas defecate wherever they please, including in swimming pools where it can clog filters and damage pump motors. Shutting down your pool multiple times a month to get the water cleaned can be costly.
  3. They cause damage by creating nesting burrows which may cost you several thousands of dollars to fix.

If kept unchecked, green iguanas will mate every year. Once they are between 2 and 4 years of age, they will lay up to 70 eggs a year for the rest of their life! This reptile can grow up to 5 feet long, weigh up to 19 pounds and live up to 20 years.

If there are lots of iguanas in your community then you may want to consider the cost of not addressing the problem.

How Much Does It Cost to Remove an Iguana?

Iguanas are harder to remove from your property than other types of wildlife. They have sharp claws and teeth, so we must be very careful when trying to remove them. In addition, they can be aggressive and defensive which can put us at risk of being bitten or scratched by the iguana while it is still in our hands.

Since every situation is unique, we highly recommend calling or emailing our team to set up a consultation.  Normally, we charge between $25-$75 for each iguana. Unfortunately, there isn’t a set price since the work required greatly depends on a few elements, including: 

  • Size of the infestation
  • Types of iguanas
  • The landscape 
  • Property size

Note: While our team typically handles commercial properties, we respond to residential jobs if there are 5 or more iguanas causing issues. 

What Can You Expect When Hiring Us for Iguana Removal?

We are experts in the field of reptile removal, and we have years of experience removing iguanas from private HOAs, commercial properties, golf courses and industrial sites.

Inspection & Removal

Our process starts with a thorough inspection of your premises to identify entry points, the type of iguanas in question, and how many iguanas are present. After we’ve devised a cost effective plan we get to work on a trapping strategy tailored specifically for your specific situation.

The iguana problem in Florida has gotten so big that you cannot get rid of all of them. Iguana removal is no longer a one-time permanent solution but more of a maintenance service. We recommend weekly or monthly visits depending on the severity of your iguana problem.

Do You Kill Iguanas or Release Them?

It would be excellent if a “catch and release” program were possible, but Florida law maintains that captured iguanas cannot be released back into the wild (since they’re an invasive species that breeds fast). 

While killing them isn’t the nicest concept, Florida Fish and Wildlife does state that it must be done humanely and without prolonged suffering. 

At Iguana Trappers, we typically use an air rifle to quickly kill the iguana. 

Afterwards, we collect the reptiles and legally dispose of them in accordance with Florida law

Why you should considering hiring us


Iguanas are territorial and when threatened, they may be aggressive or bite if mishandled.


There’s no need to purchase ineffective iguana traps, expensive air rifles, chemical repellents or other equipment. We have all of the tools necessary. Some cities may have a fee for disposing of animal carcasses, this fee is included in our prices.


Our dedicated professionals have been capturing these reptiles since they were children. It is their job to carefully assess each situation and take the “offenders” with them.

We will do everything we can to get rid of your iguanas before they breed and become a nuisance in your property. Contact us today!

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