Simple 3-Step Process for Humane and Effective Iguana Removal

Our iguana removal service is a simple, effective, and fast 3-step process.

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If you’ve been dealing with pesky and sometimes menacing iguanas in your home, you need to bring out the big guns. We don’t literally mean guns, though. We mean highly skilled, highly experienced iguana removal professionals.

Identify and Remove the Problem

We’ll determine the severity of the problem, if there are any baby iguanas, and develop a plan to catch them and remove them from your property.

Using humane methods, our experts will carefully hand catch or trap all of the iguanas on the property and then safely remove them. We’ll let you know after the inspection how much the iguana removal cost will be, as the price will vary based on your property and how many iguanas are present.


Getting rid of the iguanas is just part of the service. We’ll show you ways to keep iguanas at bay safely without any harm to your property or your family. Various methods like wire around plants and sealing up any entry points into your home can significantly reduce your iguana problem.

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    Our Services Affordable and effective South Florida Iguana Removal and Control

    Iguana Removal & Prevention

    We utilize the most humane methods to remove iguanas from your home and your property. Our expertly trained and certified iguana removal service specialists are here to help you.

    Residential Iguana Control

    Keep your home free of these pesky creatures, as well as get residential iguana control services to help prevent the problem from re-occurring. Save time and money while protecting your home and family with our iguana removal in South Florida.

    Commercial Iguana Control

    Keep your business well protected with our iguana control methods. Protect the building from iguanas entering, as well as control the iguana population on surrounding land.

    Safest and Most Effective Iguana Removal Method

    Invasive, pesky, and sometimes just plain dangerous, iguanas are wreaking havoc on the natural beauty and the wildlife population in South Florida. This is why iguana control is so important. Many people worry about the iguana removal cost, as well as how humane it is to get rid of iguanas, but we have you covered with affordable, effective, and safe iguana removal services.

    Iguana removal in Florida is best when done by our licensed and professional iguana trappers. Our team uses the method of trapping or live catching iguanas to remove them. These invasive species can be difficult to catch by hand, and if you have a large infestation, trapping them is your best bet.

    We utilize standard traps along with plants that iguanas love to eat for iguana control. Once the trap is set, we’ll wait for the iguanas to sniff out the bait. Once they creep into the trap to eat, we’ll easily catch them. These traps can then be used for iguana removal in South Florida.

    An invasive species, iguanas can cause damage to homes and businesses, as well as are known to carry diseases. Iguanas continue to pose a threat to the ecosystem and wildlife in Florida. Iguana removal in South Florida is essential to reduce these invasive species. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has declared that there is an open season on lizards to help reduce the population.
    Reptiles of all types are known to carry bacteria in their intestines that is beneficial to them, but harmful to mammals, including humans and pets. Salmonella bacteria can be found in iguana droppings, and this can cause nausea and dehydration in mammals. Botulism can also be passed from iguanas to humans and pets, as it results from bacteria found on the skin of these invasive species. Iguanas and other lizards also attract other pesky animals that carry disease, like raccoons and snakes, as well as other dangerous predators.
    Most iguanas produce a venom that is not very potent, thus not very dangerous to humans. However, their teeth are very sharp and serrated and can cause serious injury if the iguana bites a human or animal.
    Do your research before trapping iguanas on your own. Not only can it be dangerous to handle the iguanas, you must also find out if you have access to local exotic pet veterinarians, humane societies, or animal control offices that safely and humanely euthanize these animals. Iguanas cannot be trapped and then released into other areas of Florida. If you do not have access to safe euthanasia services, iguana removal service from a certified and licensed professional is your top choice.
    We do not provide a standard price for removing Iguanas because there are several factors that can affect the difficulty of the job. Please contact us to receive a custom quote.
    Why Should I Hire a Professional Iguana Removal Company?

    Save time, money, and stress by hiring a professional Iguana trappers. While it might seem like trapping them yourself is a good idea, iguana control can be a daunting task. Some reasons to trust a professional include:

    Safety – Trapping iguanas yourself can be very dangerous and can lead to bites or damage to your home. Hiring a professional iguana control service reduces the risk of danger to the homeowner.

    Cost – You’ll save money by hiring an outside company. The iguana removal cost of hiring experienced professionals is far cheaper than buying all of the equipment to try to do it yourself, plus if you fail to get all of the iguanas, this can lead to a more significant infestation and damage to the property.

    Less Stress and Hassle – A professional iguana removal service will handle the problem for you. No worries, no hassle, and no sleepless nights as you try to figure out the problem yourself. Let the experts take care of everything.

    Any Questions? Please contact us: info@iguanatrappers.com

    If you’re unsure if you have iguanas, or are not sure how large the problem is, give us a call! We’re here to help you take control and get rid of any pesky iguanas on your property.